Percussion Massage Therapy

Percussion Therapy is part of a wide range of massage therapy techniques, all of which are considered perfectly ideal in a wide range of clinical practices. Many therapeutic instruments for medical percussion massages are widely used worldwide by professionals and individuals to eliminate the risks associated with the body’s internal system, and some common percussion therapies also include respiratory therapy, physical therapy, chiropractic therapy, sports medicine and spas and salons.

A number of valuable ideas have been developed to depression reduce stress, in addition to myofascial relaxation, deep muscle therapy, lowering trigger points, lactic acid pain relief, muscle cramp treatment, sports rehabilitation, a muscle reduction pool and postural drainage.

We can observe that a group of people are now turning to massage therapy and believe that quality percussion massage therapy can eliminate all stress, major physical and mental states seem to be associated with their social, personal and professional life. Scout’s reputation is that massage therapy can really cure your problems, and it’s no wonder something causes such problems, so percussion massage therapy should saturate your body to the maximum of lightness and comfort where you forget everything. the restlessness and restlessness. Countless benefits are covered by the term “Percussion Massage Therapy” and informally guarantees a number of strong, soothing, clear and shocking actions, which are often used at fast intervals with the help of hand rotation. In principle, two actions, such as cupping and hacking, can be considered basic percussion belts: these strikes can be performed on different parts of the body, and systems can be more effective when both are used. in a body area with a lot of muscle. muscle area, such as leg and upper body. Other dedicated movements associated with percussion massage therapy include punches, shaking and tapping.

This set of movements usually begins in the wrists instead of the shoulders, arms and head, but this is a basic thing every therapist should know, as most therapists are set to perform percussion therapy, performing elbow and shoulder movements, which is completely wrong and in severe cases can result in serious failure, discomfort and stiffness.

Cupping is a sensitive part of therapy, usually done with the palms, moving upright (downwards) and creating the shape of a hollow curve. In this way, the therapist moves his clasped hands at a rapid pace, resulting in a vacuum that is released when the therapist raises his hands, making the performance as hollow as the horse’s treatment, and a voice must be heard to ensure that the movement is in the right direction. This massage art, often referred to as cupping, is sometimes also known as clapping, and in both names it refers to the term “holding hands”.

Hacking is another part of percussion therapy and it is undoubtedly the most recommended massage therapy, it is the same type of therapy that we always see in movies, performed with the edge of both hands. In this way, the therapist holds hands. upper body in position, two palms facing each other and thumbs in the highest position. Finally, the therapist moves his hands up and down at rhythmic intervals in quick succession. These actions are often done to awaken a person. The next step is Flicking, which is very similar to Hacking and also has to describe the concept of finger hacking. In this part of the procedure, the therapist must gently bend the wrist so that the sides of the fingers come into contact with the body without interfering with the edges of the hands. Knocking is a type of relaxing movement that can have a profound máy nén khí effect on the muscles of the body.

The last steps of the impact massage therapy are punches and shooting, the therapist adapts it to the hands, in the closed position and the masseur’s hands can be easily clenched into a fist. The beating is done with an unlare hem, clenched fists and the other hands beating with both hands, tapping on the face. Both movements are controlled to perform a quick sequence for better results.

Percussion massage therapies are short-lived and very effective in stimulating muscles. The blood circulation improves and the blood begins to move very quickly through the body. Percussion therapy can improve the workforce of muscle tone and help the muscle contract and expand with good grace.

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