Fame and the Vlog (Video Blog)

The roles of famous individuals have been played by actors, TV stars or athletes as well as rock stars. The popularity of celebrities is changing to include a brand new, technology-oriented kind of superstar: The Vlogger. A vlog, if you’ve been living under the rock, is an online blog (self-published online diary) with video. In terms of fame the vlog has surpassed blogs. The popularity of the video hasn’t reached the same amount of attention since the year 1895 when it was invented. It is easier to learn the technology required to be a vlogger or take control of media through citizen journalism as the kind of media is known. A camera as well as broadband, a hosting website and software are the essential elements to become a Vlogstar.

Forbes.com has included the Web Celeb 25, a overview of the latest internet superstars influencing the Internet. Vloggers podcasters, bloggers, and Vloggers are some of the people who are revolutionizing the Internet.

Forbes.com defines the term “Web Celeb” by Forbes.com as Web Celeb as “a person who is well-known for their contributions to online-based content and being easily recognized by the Web public.” This definition excludes those who were famous prior to when they hit the Web–like the author Arianna Huffington and billionaire Mark Cuban or journalist Michelle Malkin. We are left with a vast pool of people who’s fame is based on the Internet.”

Forbes’ No. 1 Web Celeb is the American/New Zealand actress Jessica Rose, originally known as Bree from the successful lonelygirl15 television series. A series that continues to follow a home-schooled American teenager who is 16 has her as the main character. The series was originally conceived as a personal film, but has since been released as a scripted drama series. Lonelygirl15 has a large following and is considered to be one of the most adored YouTube stars. The series aired from June 16th , 2006 until August 16 the 16th of August, 2006. The show’s false pretense and subsequent revelations have helped to increase its commercial ratings. This proves the authenticity of the online star that has attracted worldwide attention, and providing a platform to future fame.

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The 11th spot on the Forbes list is Brooklyn, NY based performance artist Hosea Frank (aka ZeFrank) with his daily radio show ‘The Show with ZeFrank’.

Forbes named Amanda Congdon (formerly of Rocketboom fame) at NO. 8. Her new daily download program available from ABCNews.com. Rocketboom was among the most downloaded and most viewed websites on the Internet during her 1.5-year period as host. She broke up with her co-host and created an unofficial show “Starring Amanda Congdon.’

Before the vlog, there was a blog. Bloggers are included in the Forbes List of “Who’s Who” on the Internet. Perez Hilton, a celebrity gossip starmonger comes in at No. 2. Tech guru, Michael Arrington (NO. 10.) and Markos Moulitsas (No. 3) A political savant as well as Markos Moulitsas (No. 3), both of whom in the blogosphere.

Traditional media are embracing the trend and hiring some of the underground famous Internet stars. Ana Marie Cox, founder of the political gossip site Wonkette was offered to serve as the Washington editor of Time.com.

Blogebrity’s Kyle Bunch had this to comment on the ubiquitous technology used in vlogs “Now that we’re seeing more and more video blogging, where the output is more comparable to the TV/movie output, I am fully expecting certain’stars’ who are genuine in the traditional sense to emerge online.”

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