Using Proper Article Marketing Strategies For SEO

In this particular strategy, we’ll be discussing the subject of article marketing where your SEO strategy will be primarily focused in attaining the highest possible quantity of high-quality backlinks to your website through your content. Let us clarify a few points be clear: the main goal in this strategy isn’t to get your articles ranked in different search engines. The goal is to have your website content ranked in different search engines.

This is quite distinct from the method of generating traffic using article marketing. This particular method the articles you publish are to help promote your website’s content, and to boost your rank in search results by creating quality backlinks to the pages of your website.

This is article marketing for SEO on your site not your own articles. So the main objective in this method is to build backlinks to the content on your site. If you’re not familiar with SEO (also known as Search Engine Optimization, here’s how it’s done…

In the final paragraph of every article there is there is a resource box is provided with a link (or two) back to your site. This is known as”backlinks.”. To simplify the matter, one can say that the more high-quality (quality – relevance and authority of the webpage where the link is situated) backlinks that you have, the higher the website you picked out will rank in search results from various engines.

For instance, once you post an article on an article directory it will be linked to your site is valuable to Google because big article directories are trusted by Google and this backlink promotes the position of the page on your site in search results. If you do it correctly you can accomplish a lot of powerful SEO using article marketing.

Here are three rules of a highly effective SEO article. SEO:

1. Unique high-quality, unique articles

2. Proper anchor text for the article resource box

3. The syndication of articles across many websites

I. Writing unique articles

Once you decided that you’re doing an article marketing to itechways improve SEO, then it is absolutely imperative that you must create unique content for your website.

What is the reason you might ask?

Since your web content is unique and unique, the backlinks to your website which are found within your resources box are valuable to search engines. However, if the content is not unique then those links will just be ignored, and will not be useful when it comes to search ranking. When we say unique, we mean unique, 100% original content.

As an example, suppose you write and post an article ที่พักแสมสาร ติดทะเล ปิ้งย่างได้ about your home remodel on 4-6 different articles directories, each with the same resource box that has only one backlink to the same webpage on your site. You’ll then have 4-6 same articles on the internet and as such, Google will count them as multiple backlinks that point to your site. If you only submit your article to one article directory that’s all you’ll get is a single backlink pointing towards your website or page. If your article is not one-of-a-kind (meaning that you used a PLR article, for instance) and your article won’t be accepted by the directory in any way and you’ll have no backlinks from the directories. What is the meaning when your article isn’t listed on the directory? The webmasters won’t capable of finding your article and consequently won’t be in a position to publish it on their site with your resource box links intact. Article directories are essential as they give our content the chance to be read by potential customers, not just but also webmasters as well , who are looking for fresh and valuable content to put on their site.

II. Designing the Proper Anchor Text for the Resource Box

If you are looking to attain a better SEO ranking by using article marketing then you must work on the anchor text of your resource boxes.

Why again, you ask?

This is because Google provides a high importance in the description of the links which are coming to your site’s pages. In addition, it can help your website attain better search engine ranking. For instance, if , for example, you wish to rank a website with the term ‘house renovation ideas’, then the text of the hyperlink within your reference box should not be the URL of your kitchen or kitchen renovation. In fact, the link should say”house remodeling ideas” as the anchor text. The reason why it’s important to properly choose your anchor text when you’re creating links is because if you choose an unpopular or short-tail keyword that has lots of competition, it will take a very, very long time and tons of articles before you see your page or site at the top of the organic search results of Google. It is best to target longer-tail keywords because they are much easier to rank for and are generally focused on the ending scale that is the phase of conversion.

III. Many Articles on a Variety of websites

If you’re able to write of original articles and then get more backlinks linking to your content and, consequently, your marketing campaign will be lot more successful in terms of SEO, which in fact is the primary goal in this particular article marketing strategy.

This is why it is always imperative to maintain consistency in the writing and publishing of your articles as well as to establish a daily procedure and be consistent over time with your marketing efforts.

Avoid submitting your content to a multitude of different directories. It’s not just an enormous waste of time and won’t give you a strong ranking it is also considered spam and not accepted by many directories as well as the largest entity online: Google. Instead, when you focus on writing quality content, you must submit them to at least four to five article directories with different types of audience. This will increase the exposure for your article as well as it will also be syndicated across the web to benefit you since you appeal to such an enormous, diverse group of people. If you combine the writing of your articles you’ll get much more out of article marketing. Remember, don’t attempt to cheat the system because eventually , you’ll be one to fall.

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