Staffing Industry Numbers Bringing You Down? Flip ‘Em Around!

You’ve probably seen a few hundred if not thousands of vehicles over the last few days, and hardly took note of them unless one cut you off or even flipped you off or was driven head-first into the ground. The Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo TX has become a major tourist attraction because of its rows of junkyard Caddies that are planted in the ground first, with their rear two-thirds protruding in the air.

Let’s repeat the experiment with some figures from the “everyday staffing industry” – flip the numbers upside down, then on their side, and see what eye-catching results you get.

Exhibit A: Staffing Industry Analysts announced Body Leasing at the beginning of March that the temporary work market had declined by 22.7 percent in the last 12 months. This is disappointing. Let’s turn it around. We can clearly see the 77.3% that is still in the background, “Take me, please capture!”

Exhibit B Exhibit B: Recently, I talked with a company that was located in Cleveland that estimated that they held one percent of the Ohio staffing market. Let’s say your staffing firm is in a similar position with a 1% share in its staffing market. Wow, that’s a small drop in the bucket. This is what you need to do. Let’s change the situation and find out how we can gain a significant share of the remaining 97.3 percent.

Exhibit C: Let’s consider the figure of 5% as an example. This is the proportion of the US workforce in which temporary work is used. Focus on the 95% of US jobs that remain vacant and leave the 5% to be forgotten. These jobs could be utilized as a fertile field for future staffing solutions innovators. Much of this land has been dormant waiting for temporary staffing organizations to return to and surpass their peak share of the workforce. This was 10.8 percent by the 1980s.

Think about other figures, numbers, or metrics related to staffing that you’ve looked at. Now, flip them upside down. Get up on your feet should you need to! Comment on any fresh discoveries you’re making while looking at your staffing company and the potential market differently. Contact The Staffing Cooperative to take advantage of the tools, approaches, and resources we offer to help you identify real opportunity, set goals and benchmarks and increase market share, and expand into new markets.

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